I’m Spoiled

I’m Spoiled

I’m so spoiled that I use these particular teaspoons with long stems. They’re used for those 16 ounce tumbler glasses I have for ice teas or other beverages. They have those long stems so I can reach the bottom of the tumblers like pouring in sugar for iced tea.

No, I don’t want to use my special teaspoons for eating cereal. No, I have to have a regular teaspoon for that. You may ask why I don’t use a tablespoon to eat my cereal. Well, my question is; Aren’t these tablespoons used for cooking? Besides they’re too large for me. I guess you’d say they’re for people with big mouths. No pun intended, but you get the point..I hope.

Also, I like my oranges to be kept in those bags they come in at the grocery store. I like that industrial look in my kitchen.

I’m spoiled like that.


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