He Takes the Train


“Yes, isn’t that right?   It was double as bad beause it was your fault!”

“Oh, oh my!”

“But you know that would be kind of funny if they tried to garnish my pay check,”  kind of funny he thinks.

“Oh great, what are we going to do, what if the Repo Man shows up?”

He takes a look outside thru the window.

“OH gosh, I think it’s him. He’s going to confiscate your vehicle.”

“Oh now wait a minute, let me think this over for a second or two.”

“Dawg, what the heck do they want?”

“I’ll tell ya what they want, they want your tired poor ass to pay them the money you owe them and you to pay your bills.”

“Na, it ain’t gonna happen besides I’m outta here. I’m going to take a train out west you comin?”

“If so where would we go?”

“We’re going to run away. We’ll run for thousands of miles, some place out west in towns where trains pass-through and the seasons are not the same as they are here. They’d be hot mopping on roofs and shit.”

“Hell, it’s winter here but it’s 70° in Las Cruces, New Mexico.”

“And they’d never find us on that freight train cause it ain’t got a manifest for passengers.”

“Shoot, I know.”

“Here, let’s hop on this ole train here.”

Later on the train

“You brought all those tools,” she says.

“Well yeah, I got to find work for myself Honey,” he says.

“And you just bought them too I guess?”
“Huh, that’s right!”



“Oh alright, but did you get some of that Mad Dog 20/20 I wuz talkin about?”

“Honey, I bought that just for you.”

“Oh Good!”


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