For Whither Thou Goest

…”For whither thou goest, I will go”…

I ask her about a travel date.

“What is that,” she ask. “You tell me,” I ask.

“Well you could be wrong about all this travel but I think you’re so cute,” she says.

“Oh, I’m excited of our resources. I’m very confident that you will be excited too.”

“This travel thing without a doubt is in depth, how deep can you go, I’m just wondering,” she ask.

Well, at first I texted this girl and then she messaged me back:

“Are you ready for the holidays,” I asked. She is dazzling, she has oomph!

I’d run into her in town every now and then. When we met I ask her,

“Would you have known me if not for the message I sent you?”

We were going places that’s for sure.

And then all of a sudden one day she states;

“You’re in your tenth delusional factor. I’m severing all ties with you.

Thank you so much. It was great fun, fantastic even!”

And that’s when she bows out.

But then I responded,
“I wanted to laugh at you but at what, you’ve started this confusion of yours every time I get these ideas.”

I bet she’s thinking we’ll be speeding down the highway like a bat out of hell with my hand between her thighs and the wind in our hair.

She states her opinion and she thinks this travel date is so awkward….
“Yes I do,” she says.

“Look, If we have no identity apart from our jobs, we are truly vulnerable.”

“This one girl’s like, When do we leave!”

If you start to miss her, remember, she didn’t walk away, you let her go….

“Sometimes he won’t listen”, she says.

“I don’t know what she wants”, he says.

“I’m thinking about our purpose Darling,” he says. “Do you wish to tackle this right now?”

“Yes.” This was the extent of it.

And Later:

“This sounds silly but you knew what I meant.” Of the whimsical excuses speaking for them he then kissed her. She was waiting for him so she suddenly parted her lips and she kissed him too.

He’s liable to do anything.

It started by him saying, “Hey, let’s go somewhere.”

Did they go on a travel date?  No, they stayed locally where on this evening they drank and danced. Earlier at the restaurant there were no harsh words spoken between them only soft words. This was like a ticking timing mechanism.

Sometimes you feel repulsive.

It’s like balling and quarreling.

Laugh and share your life with someone, speak and have conversations. That’s all.



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