A Roadside Tavern a Travelers Haven

His dad hasn’t changed his style since the 80’s neither has anything else changed about his dad, nothing for that matter, just pertaining to his perspectives on things though.

It’s very beautiful and kind of odd ball about keeping certain parts of our lives well hidden, certainly it’s for a cause, but your perspectives, they should change and go with the flow. Just use your talents and go with the flow.


Back then, these people they owned this restaurant/bar or bar/honky-tonk wherever you want to call it, it was here where you could drink and dance in the evenings, all night long, this along with the live music and the good bands. Even today you can still smoke inside. They said this place should be torn down but it wasn’t, the place is still there, it’s still in business. It was and still is a roadside tavern from the 1960s. I more or less get it, it is somewhat of a 1960s bygone establishment, a flat tone of a portrait, the landscape and the building itself. It had a drive-thru window to sell alcohol.

It’s the look of nostalgia. My out-of-town guests thought this traven was a pretty rough place.

But listen, these people, the owners they made alot of money. And eventually they built a nice home and I always drove by there and looked at their roof.

Everywhere there are wonderful people, wish them all happiness.

Do you?


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