The Renaissance Fair

Tina has just encountered Donald after their paths have crossed, they recognize each other, “Oh, the ho hum of an ordinary life,” she says.

“What look is that you have given me dear,” he asks staring at her.

Teasing each other is what they were doing.

If those things give us pleasure, then let’s not unravel the thought, let’s go with it.

Her thoughts, “Here’s my hero!”

“Could it wait”, he ask.

“You’ve read my mind, oh dear!”

“Hello, I’m Donnie, it’s nice to meet you!”

They’ve met at the Renaissance Fashion Fair, this was in an old castle. Have you ever seen them walking around out here just aimlessly without any direction. Maybe Gothic where a re-enactment is scheduled to take place that gives tribute to that time period in this old historical setting.

“Are you looking for someone”, she asks.

“Well, I seem to have a more mystified role here as that of the Gatekeeper, but I’m not dressed yet.”

“No, no one will deceive the Gatekeeper, try as they might, they’ll come through me before they can enter, not the other way around,” he says.

“Yes, they’ll have to, I see,” she adds.

She says to him, “This is why you’ll be congenial to me. So, if you’ll be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.”

“And you, whom might you be?”

“I’m Tiburtina, I am in charge of the the secondary bed chambers, dormitories and baths. I am also the perfume person whom they’ll refer to for perfumes, either beds or perfumes of all this place.”

“At the fair?” He asks.


“Yes, but as you know this is all a re-enactment. All of the facilities have modern bathrooms and showers of course.”

“Yes, isn’t it amazing how they can modernized an old castle like this. This seems pleasurable enough.”

“Really, how so wonderful?”

“Ha Ha, nice to meet you Tiburtina.”

“You may call me Tina if you wish. And thank you, it’s nice to meet you as well.”

“Oh My, she’s gorgeous.”

Later they went on a walk together in the woods beyond the Castle, they were dressed in the proper attire for the renaissance fair, they wore all goth clothes and everything.


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