Never Look Back

I tried to read what was going on inside my mind, something pertaining to my thoughts either way this was going to have to wait for another day. Sweet, I thought. So all I have to do is just walk away from whatever it is that I’m doing in the room and dismiss it for another 24 hours. Oh, I turned that television off because technology allows one to see the last channel viewed.

Yes, that was the thought, to notice the little things around the room left like that and untouched for 24 hours. Then when I returned I would see the room as I had left it and what I had been doing  thinking and reading. See it all.

And I never did. I saw the room as
if I’d seen it that way… all of it, in my mind.

No harm, no fowl and no one got hurt or blamed for anthing.


“They’re gone, gone!”

Yes, I was gone never looking back.


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