This told me told this:

“Come here Darling.”

“I coming I coming!”

“That’s so sexy.”

Oh fortification and walls, we will need tantamount of bulwark.


He says, “Oh I’ve never felt this way, it is a heavy burden, it feels like a ton of weight.”

“Why do you feel this way,” she says.

“Well, Mrs. Lowe if I can call you that?”

This person states that her name has changed since her latest dilemma.

“Hmmm, I’m not getting your point, what’s your message here?”

“My understanding is you are single, everyone still calls you Mrs.Lowe?”

“Oh, Honey don’t you worry, it’s okay.”

“But Mrs.Lowe, you were married as long as I’ve known you.”

Please keep in mind these alterations are needed for heavy-duty loading platforms.

“But Mrs. Lowe, before I was but a young man. I was gullible but you were
much older, wiser and stronger. I was delighted by my difficulties but they were all in fun. These hardships have made me what I am today, a stronger person and that’s what I am today.”

“Oh Honey, you have revealed that to me today.”

“Thank you Mrs. Lowe. Thank you for letting me stop by.”

Heavy-duty weight bearing does what it does and so forth, that’s life.


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