Eleanor’s Tongue

We needed to see inside the grand Cathedral. This was one of our tours. And also I wanted to know, do they gulp wine over there? Yes, they drink it like water.

Oh, of all the wine and food there, I will never seize to be amazed.

But I’m on a diet.

Same thing.



I fell into extreme measures then fell out when such measures weren’t what I was really envolved with, I guess it’s called total immersion.  I heard her voice speak an accent of the region and she’s speaking a different language other than my own. This is her Italian and in fact she’s using so many different hand gestures, a real sight to see. They seems to match and express perfectly with everything she’s saying.

I recall Eleanor’s tongue the weighted tonnage of that person’s movements of her personality. She’s a super homemaker and an extremely beautiful woman. She has in the past always produced a wonderful set down meal and these were meals, and at times where we gathered in her home especially for us. They were wonderful times in fact, the formal place settings, the friends and the food were all fantastic.

Since I have been going there I have loved the opportunities to experience so many things and to be with friends and family and with each of these experiences I have learned more. I truly love this place-Italy, I think about it quite often. Yes, it is the climate, the differences of cultures a mix of talented staffers, members professionally.

I can remember how this makes me feel. I love this Mediterranean. It changes everything about me so much.



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